Princess of Park Row (1917)

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Although this Vitagraph film offered nothing new -- it started off with the tired situation of intrigue in a mythical European principality -- it still managed to entertain. In Bellaria, a baron has stolen mining land from the people, and the King is determined to see that they get it back. He sends Prince Nichols (John Costello) to America to help negotiate this, and Nichols brings his daughter, Princess Margot (Mildred Manning), and Count Kronski (William Dunn). What he doesn't know is that Kronski is in league with the baron, and he is coming along to stop the prince. The princess meets Tom Kearney, a reporter (Wallace MacDonald), at the hotel and they fall in love. The count and the baron kidnap Nichols and take him to a deserted house. Margot and Kearney are also kidnapped, but she escapes and contacts the police, who accompany Margot and Kearney to the house where Nichols is being held and arrest the count. After hearing of Kearney's heroic actions, the king makes him a prince so that he can marry his daughter.