Primitive Call (1917)

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This ridiculous and poorly shot melodrama has Fritz Lieber playing a Native American. Brian Elkhorn (Lieber) has received an education (in white man's terms, at least), and he falls for Betty, a society girl (Gladys Coburn). Betty's father wants the Indian lands, so Betty promises marriage to Elkhorn, providing that he sign the deed of sale. He does and then she promptly casts him off. When Elkhorn's tribe finds out what he's done, it does the same. The tribe then seeks revenge by kidnapping the blind daughter (Kittens Reichert) of the superintendent. Meanwhile, Elkhorn kidnaps Betty and tries, unsuccessfully, to make her understand her own primitive nature. The superintendent returns the deed so he can get his daughter back, and Elkhorn finally tells Betty there is no hope for her and lets her go. But Betty has fallen in love with him after all; when she returns to Elkhorn's camp, however, she finds an Indian girl promising herself to him. So Betty is forced to slink back to her own people.