Price of Her Silence (1915)

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The four-reel The Price of Her Silence was filmed on such attractive East-coast locations as New Rochelle and Long Island Sound. Florence LaBadie and Mignon Anderson star respectively as the older and younger daughters of a wealthy family. When the younger girl falls in love with the family chauffeur, her father ships her off to Europe so as to break up the romance. En route, the ship catches fire, and the girl, her lover and the ship's captain find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean in a leaky rowboat. Assuming that death is imminent, the captain grants the girl's wish and marries her to her lover. Not long afterward, the lover-husband is devoured by an octopus; fortunately, the girl is rescued and brought home. Intending to keep her marriage a secret, the now-pregnant girl confides only in her older sister. The girls temporarily move away to a remote community, where the younger sister gives birth to a child, which is promptly farmed out for adoption. Years pass: On the verge of her second marriage (which everyone, of course, assumes is her first), the younger girl is confronted by a stranger who carries her child in her arms. Not wishing to jeopardize the girl's future, the older sister steps in and claims that the child is hers. Younger sis says nothing, and the Price of Her Silence (from the motion picture of the same name) is shame, humiliation and ostracization heaped upon the older girl. Believe it or not, out of all this misery there arises a happy ending.