Price of a Good Time (1918)

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In this morality play by director Lois Weber (and Weber's lesser-known husband, Phillips Smalley), Mildred Harris plays the classic poor working girl. Linnie (Harris) works behind the perfume counter in a department store and goes home to a miserable family life -- her mother (Ann Schaefer) neglects her, her father is an invalid, and her brother is an anarchist. One day, Preston Winfield (Kenneth Harlan), the son of the store's owner, sees how miserable she is and offers to show her a week's worth of good times. He takes her out on the town every night and on the last evening, he allows her to have the run of Winfield home, since the rest of his family is away. But her brother, hearing where she is, comes over and reads more into the situation than there actually is. He and Winfield wind up in a huge fight that draws the attention of the police. Linnie's relations now make her life completely unbearable, and she can see no way out of her sad situation. So she goes out into the street, and when she sees Winfield's car drive past, she throws herself under the wheels. She is taken to the hospital and dies there. This picture was based on The Whim, a story by Marion Orth.