Precious Packet (1916)

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This one-reel Vim comedy -- a burlesque of Western melodramas -- was the last of the Plump (Oliver Hardy) and Runt (Billy Ruge) series. In Hardy's next film for the studio, he would have a new partner -- the formidable, and very funny, Kate Price. Edna Reynolds is the telegraph operator at Lone Gulch, and Plump is her sweetheart. A shipment of gold is due to arrive, and Runt, a bandit, finds out about it. He gets his partner (Florence McLoughlin) to flirt with Plump, distracting him until Runt can kidnap the telegraph operator. Runt and his cohorts tie Edna to the railroad tracks and steal the gold, but Edna has already used a broken telegraph wire to call on Plump. He shows up and unties her, and they give chase to the thieves. After retrieving the gold, Plump gives the bandits a sound thrashing and tosses them in the river.