Poor Boob (1919)

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Early silent star Bryant Washburn has the title role in this romantic comedy. Simpson Hightower (Washburn) is better known as Simp, and he lives up to his name. He loses his cannery factory and leaves his small town to find a job in New York. He finds work at Platt's provision factory, but he only manages to stick around because of the ingenuity of Hope, a stenographer (Wanda Hawley), and the efficiency of Jimmy, the office boy (Richard Rosson). Hope teaches him the advantages of bluffing. When a Swedish commissioner comes to town to sign a large contract, Hope and Jimmy convince him that Simp is the silent partner. Simp pretends to be a millionaire, with Hope as his personal secretary and Jimmy as his valet. Because of his trickery he is able to land the contract all on his own. When he realizes how valuable Hope is, Simp gladly makes her his wife.