Poison Pen (1919)

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This routine drama from World Pictures stars June Elvidge. Allayne Filbert (Elvidge) is a sweet-tempered young lady who is engaged to David Alden (Earl Metcalfe). But there is trouble in the town where she lives -- some mean-spirited person is writing anonymous attacks on some of the area's most prominent men and women. Even Allayne is the subject of these poison pen letters. The identity of this letter writer is finally uncovered when a private detective catches Allayne sleepwalking. It turns out she has a dual personality and her wicked side comes out after she has fallen asleep. Alden solves the problem by bringing a specialist in to cure her. The specialist hypnotizes Allayne in front of Alden and her parents (Joseph Smiley and Marion Barney). They all have some tense moments when Allayne's two personalities begin fighting to see who gets to stay. The girl's good-natured self wins out, much to everyone's relief.