Point of View (1920)

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The Thorncrofts are a blue-blooded, aristocratic family who fall on hard times after the stock market crashes. Thorncroft manor has to be rented out, and the most humiliating part is that Marjorie Thorncroft (Elaine Hammerstein) has to rent her room out to a Westerner, David Lawrence (Rockcliffe Fellows). Even though he is very wealthy, the family snubs him, with the exception of young Maitland Thorncroft (Cornish Breck), who believes he is a cowboy. Marjorie's sweetheart, Dallas Henley (Arthur Housman), insists that they cannot marry on his small salary. When Lawrence sees Marjorie weeping, he gets the story out of her, and, since he loves her himself, he proposes. After giving it some thought, she agrees for the sake of her family. Lawrence pays to send Maitland to Europe to learn the violin, but when he returns, his recital is a failure. Maitland is upset that he allowed his sister to marry someone she does not love. Lawrence overhears this, and decides to leave his home to Marjorie and Henley. This is fine by Henley, but Marjorie realizes that she really does love her husband, and they are reunited. This drama was adapted from the play by Edith Ellis.