Pleasure Seekers (1921)

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Elaine Hammerstein stars in this entertaining comedy-drama. The "pleasure seeker" of the title is Craig Winchell (Webster Campbell), who spends his time getting in and out of love affairs. After being burned by Clara Marshall (Margaret Clayton), who is as fickle as he is, Craig goes on a drive in the country. When his car breaks down, he meets Mary (Hammerstein), secretary to the Reverend Richard Snowden (James A. Furey). Craig falls in love with Mary and decides to stick around. They quickly get married, and after the death of Reverend Snowden, they return to the city. But Craig's wealthy father (Frank Currier), fed up with his son's freewheeling ways, cuts him off and doesn't even want to meet his new daughter-in-law. Mary finds out that Winchell's secretary has just been fired, so she decides to take matters into her own hands by applying for the job. She is hired, without either Winchell or his son realizing what she is doing. It doesn't take long before Winchell has come to depend completely on Mary, and when he complains about Craig, she advises him to forgive him and help him get a start in life. As a result, Winchell writes Craig a big check. Craig begins to invest in the stock market, and before long he has run into Clara, who is determined to win him back. But she's no match for Mary, or Winchell -- who has finally discovered her identity. Craig's wandering eye comes home for good...but not before getting a lecture from his father.