Playing the Ponies (1937)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

The Three Stooges are restaurateurs who get into the horseracing business in this comic short. Quitting the restaurant is probably not such a bad idea; Curly makes chicken soup by pouring hot water over a chicken carcass, and makes fresh filet of sole by casting a line out the window into the ocean and pulling up an old boot. Moe and Larry wonder about the possibilities of horseracing, and a man who owns a loser horse believes them to be easy marks. He trades them the restaurant for Thunderbolt, the horse -- who turns out to be rail-thin and swaybacked. Even Curly can beat him around the track. Then the Stooges kick-start Thunderbolt's racing skills after accidentally feeding him hot chili peppers, which speed him up considerably. The boys wind up entering their steed in a big race. Larry (with a handful of the hot chilies) is the jockey. Although Thunderbolt starts off in the wrong direction, the chilies soon have him passing every other horse on the track, helped along by Moe and Curly, who are driving alongside him with a pail of water just out of reach. The last we see of the boys, they're wealthy and sitting down to a fine meal (a turkey apiece) -- and Thunderbolt is at the table, too.



business, con/scam, finances, racetrack, restaurant