Pitfalls of a Big City (1919)

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In this old-fashioned (for 1919!) melodrama, pickpocket Molly Moore (Gladys Brockwell) goes straight, opens up a restaurant and sends her sister Marion (Neva Gerber) through school. Molly's sweetheart Jerry (William Scott) joins her in leading an honest life, but their former friend Spike (William Sheer) isn't convinced of their new-found virtue. One day Spike attacks Marion, so Molly, in an attempt to protect her, sends her to spend the summer with her friends, the Pembertons. Marion becomes engaged to Ted Pemberton (Ashton Dearholt), but Molly's happiness is dampened when Spike threatens to expose Molly's past, which will ruin her sister's romance. Spike tells her he'll keep his mouth shut if Molly helps him rob the Pemberton's house. Molly refuses, but follows him to try and stop him. Spike and Molly are found in the house; Spike escapes, but Molly is arrested. However, she refuses to talk because she doesn't want Spike to reveal her family's past. Then Jerry steps in -- he finds Spike and beats him into confessing his responsibility in the crime. Marion's romance is saved, and Molly is happy with her loyal beau.