Pins Are Lucky (1915)

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In the early 1900s, it was a common superstition to pick up a pin in the belief that it would bring good luck. This Lubin split-reel comedy featuring fledgling film star Oliver Hardy takes that idea to ridiculous extremes. Old, cranky Cyrus Singleton (Billy Bowers) and young, fat Peter Pelton (Hardy) are obsessed with finding lucky pins. Cyrus gives Peter his consent to marry his daughter, Ruth (Frances NeMoyer), even though she loves John Cozens (Raymond McKee). To keep Ruth away from John until the wedding, Cyrus plans to send her away. John, however, is too smart for both Cyrus and Peter -- he buys a gross of pins and makes a trail of them all the way to the train depot. Cyrus and Peter have to stop and pick up each and every one. When they finally arrive at the station, the train has already left -- with John and Ruth on board together.