Pawns of Mars (1915)

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Although Americans were clearly fascinated by the war in Europe, which became World War I -- by 1915, quite a few films had been made on the subject -- they weren't quite willing yet to take part in it. This explains the title cards at the beginning of this picture, stating that its releasing company, Vitagraph, was taking a neutral stance towards the war, and that the countries depicted were purely fictional. Renowned chemist Dr. Lefone (Charles Kent) has been working on some new bombs, while his friend, engineer John Temple (James Morrison), is working on a method to set them off through wireless waves (this was a technologically advanced concept in the mid-1910s!). Enemy spy Rizo Turbal (George Cooper) is keeping a close watch on Lefone's developments, while Temple is keeping his eyes on Lefone's pretty daughter, Florence (Dorothy Kelly). But one day Florence wanders into her father's laboratory, upsets some chemicals and causes an explosion which blinds her. In spit e of this misfortune, Florence urges Lefone to continue his work. Turbal steals some of the completed bombs, but Temple manages to work his wireless machine and detonate them before they can do much damage to his countrymen. The last one blows up the spy and the plane he is in. Temple's work is done for now, and he takes time to be with his blind sweetheart.