Parisian Tigress (1919)

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Count de Suchet (Edward Connelly) is nearing the end of his life, and he confides to his friend Henri Dutray (Henry Kolker) that long ago he married a commoner, but his parents coerced his wife into leaving. She hid their baby away and then killed herself. The Count wonders whatever happened to the little girl, who must now be grown up. Dutray is broke, so he decides to find a girl to pose as the Count's daughter, hoping to get some money out of the deal. He finds Jeanne (Viola Dana), an Apache dancer, in Paris' Latin Quarter. She is reluctant to take part in the scam, but her "brother" Jacque (Louis D'Arclay) insists she do it. The Count is happy to have Jeanne around, and she adjusts to her new life, becoming romantically involved with Albert Chauroy (Darrell Foss), the son of the family next door. But the Count doesn't last long, and on his death bed, his sister discovers the fraud. But Jacque, who is mortally wounded in a fight with one of the servants, reveals that Jeanne really is the Count's long-lost daughter. The Count dies, and Jeanne winds up with Albert.