Pamietnik Znaleziony W Garbie (1993)

Run Time - 110 min.  |   Countries - Canada, Poland  |  
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Antek (Edward Linde Lubaszenko) was fighting with a Polish unit on the Nazi side in World War II, but after he was captured by the Russians, he was offerred a chance to fight on their side or become a prisoner. He chose to fight. With the Russian's, he liberated Poland from Germany, and had a chance to gain access to his sister-in-law (Marzena Trybala in maturity, and Katarzyna Skrzynecka as a young woman), whom he has lusted after for a long time. They make love and she becomes pregnant. As a result of his wartime service, after World War II, he was among the troops the Russians chose to help institute Communist rule in the country. This left him free to pursue his own advancement. Meanwhile, his brother Ewald (Boguslaw Linda) suspects that his second child is not his, and this, along with other things, contributes to his committing suicide. Afterwards, Antek marries his sister-in-law. When his son (who is still officially his stepson) engages in an unsuitable relationship with a Jewish girl while he is studying in Moscow, his father arranges for him to break it up and the boy eventually marries a suitable local girl. The issue of suitability is important to Antek, as he has political aspirations for his son. Ironically, his son has political aspirations for himself, and he becomes a leading figure in the Solidarity movement, which then overthrows communist rule in Poland.