Pals and Pugs (1920)

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Comedian Jimmy Aubrey shares his best moments in this two-reeler with Oliver Hardy who, before he teamed up with Stan Laurel, played alongside a variety of other comics. He plays a neighborhood bully here, who mercilessly harasses Aubrey, an outcast who is even beaten up by a gang of children. Jimmy accidentally knocks a bum's bottle into a manhole and the bully coerces him into helping him retrieve it. Jimmy lowers the bully into the manhole with disastrous effects. After getting dumped back in the hole several times, the bully gives Jimmy a beating. An idler (Leo White) is pestering an heiress (Dixie Lamont) who Jimmy has befriended; when he comes to her aid, a kid gets mixed up in the struggle and the idler pushes him into the street. The youngster is hit by a car and Jimmy and the heiress take him to her home to get treatment. The boy turns out to be the bully's kid, and the bully viciously turns on the idler, saving Jimmy in the bargain. The heiress gifts Jimmy with a rose, but leaves him behind when she drives off in her limo.