Painted Lie (1917)

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When artist Karl von Erric offers to paint Diana (Mae Gaston), her lover, Lieutenant Grayton (Crane Wilbur), wants to forbid it -- he knows that von Erric is a lecher and an all-around bad guy. But Diana shrugs off his protests and poses anyhow. The inevitable results -- von Erric makes a pass at her, she slaps him and dashes out of the studio. But von Erric swears revenge on both Diana and her sweetheart and paints her head and shoulders onto the nude painting of his jealous ex-mistress Marcia (Marie Corteaux). He displays this masterpiece at the club where both he and Grayton are members. A duel follows and von Erric is wounded. While he is recuperating in his studio, the spurned Marcia comes in and kills him. Grayton is arrested for manslaughter but is released when Marcia is found dead -- she has committed suicide and left a note confessing to the murder. With that, Grayton and Diana are reconciled.