Painless Love (1918)

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This two-reel L-KO comedy is short on plot and long on gags. Many of its scenes around the swimming pool, which show young ladies in their revealing one-piece swimsuits (at least they were revealing back then), were considered risqué in the late 1910s. Billy Armstrong works as an assistant to a dentist, Dr. Hurts (Oliver Hardy), and moonlights as a waiter for extra cash. The assistant is secretly married to the pretty manager of a swimming pool (Peggy Provost). When Peggy can't afford to pay the rent on the swimming pool, the dentist offers to pay it for her and asks her out to dinner. She accepts, much to the annoyance of the building owner (Charles Inslee), who also lusts after her. To get back at Dr. Hurts, he tells Mrs. Hurts what her husband is up to. Everyone winds up at the cabaret where Hurts has been hoping to have a quiet rendezvous. The time he has is anything but quiet, and eventually the whole group winds up dunked in the pool. Charles Parrot, the film's director, would become better known as Hal Roach comedian Charley Chase.