Oversexed (1974)

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A lonely female scientist discovers a way to lose her inhibitions in this comic variation on the Jekyll and Hyde theme from veteran sexploitation director Joe Sarno. Dr. Shirley Jekyll (Veronica Parrish) is a shy, near-sighted research scientist who shares an apartment with her sister Louise (Chris Jordan) and oversexed brother-in-law Ralph (Tony Ramond, aka Raymond Serra). Shirley is secretly in love with one of her colleagues, Dr. Bill Jenkins (Eric Edwards), but she lacks the confidence to do anything about it. One of Jekyll's latest projects involves a new chemical that alters the amino acids in living cells, causing unusual physical and behavioral effects. Jekyll impulsively tries some of the solution on herself and undergoes a remarkable transformation -- she becomes Sherry Hyde, a beautiful and sensuous woman who gives off a musk that is irresistible to men and women. The solution also gives Sherry a powerful sexual appetite, and it isn't long before she seduces Jenkins, but having the man of her dreams isn't enough, and soon she finds herself indulging in a rich variety of sensual pleasures. Leading lady Veronica Parrish also acted in films under the names Rebecca Brooke and Mary Mendum; her co-stars in The Switch (also released as Oversexed and The Switch, or How To Alter Your Ego) included Jennifer Welles, Sonny Landham and Darby Lloyd Raines.