Outcast (1915)

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Although the story to this drama was hokey (even if it was written by then-ambassador to Italy Thomas Nelson Page), it offered the superb acting talents of Mae Marsh and Robert Harron. Mae (Marsh) is a slum girl of unknown origins, who works as a singer in a dive. Her sweetheart is Bob (Harron), a waiter there, who is on parole. One of the dive's patrons, Graves, lusts after Mae and one night he follows her to her room and attacks her. Bob overhears their struggle and bursts in. Graves is shot with his own revolver, and Mae and Bob flee from the police. When she is shot in the leg, Mae has Bob continue running while she is captured. She winds up on trial for Graves' murder, in front of a merciless judge. In spite of her attorney's efforts, she is convicted and when Bob tries to come to her aid, the judge has him arrested for breaking his parole. However, Mae's attorney then discovers that she is actually the illegitimate daughter of the judge who convicted her. He finds her grandfather and brings him to the sentencing. When the judge realizes who Mae is, he faints, and a new trial, with a new judge, is declared. Both Mae and Bob are released, and Mae has a happy reunion with her repentant father.