Out of Order: Losing My Religion (2003)

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Mark (Eric Stoltz) remembers going to church as a kid after seeing The Godfather, the movie that made him want to be a filmmaker. He prayed to God to let him get out of New Hampshire, and promised to be a good Catholic. He and Lorna (Felicity Huffman) are visited by Steven (William H. Macy) one night. Lorna has been avoiding him, and Steven responds by throwing a potted plant through their bedroom window, and drunkenly begging Lorna to run away with him. Mark calmly drives an apologetic Steven home. Steven makes a cryptic reference to the mysterious "Teddy," and later reveals that his wife has left him. Danni (Kim Dickens) again warns Mark about lying to her. He wonders if he should tell her that while he and Lorna were separated, he called an escort service. Mark imagines meeting with a shrink, played by himself, who asks him why he can't be with Lorna when she needs him. Mark gets a letter from his great uncle Mordecai, who tells him that his grandfather was beaten to death by anti-Semites in Hungary just before WWII ended. Mark is surprised to learn of his Jewish ancestry. He imagines talking to Jesus himself about it. Later, Mark and Lorna give Danni a ride to a party for Zach (Peter Bogdanovich). Lorna gets drunk and goes home early, and Mark and Danni steal away and have sex again. He tells her that he doesn't want to be "just friends" with her. The next morning, feeling guilty and confused, Mark asks God for a sign. He takes his family to church, where it turns out to be World Marriage Day, and he and Lorna end up renewing their marriage vows. This episode was directed by Tim Hunter (River's Edge).