Out of Order: Follow the Rat (2003)

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Mark (Eric Stoltz) is increasingly worried about Lorna (Felicity Huffman), who has begun sleepwalking, a side effect of all the meds she's taking. He continues to see Danni (Kim Dickens), who tells him that she's going to see a divorce lawyer, because Brock (Adam Harrington) is distant and controlling, and Mark has shown her how good things can be. She asks Mark to think about what he really wants, and he does. He flashes back to his reconciliation with Lorna after their separation. That night, he dreams that he's 12, sleeping in his bed with a hamster, when a rat runs through the room and into a hole in the wall. He tells his imaginary shrink (himself) about this recurring dream, and the shrink suggests he follow the rat next time. The rat leads him to his past, when his mother was thinking of running off with another man. Mark thinks he convinced her to stay, but his "shrink" challenges his memory of the events, and Mark discovers that his fears are rooted in his lack of control, and his worry that something bad will happen to Lorna. Mark decides to break it off with Danni, who is heartbroken, but handles it pretty well. Later that night, Lorna gets some ecstasy, and rewards Mark for his faithfulness by joining forces with Annie (Justine Bateman) to show him a wild time. This episode was directed by Roger Kumble (Cruel Intentions).