Out of Order: Pilot 2 (2003)

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Lorna (Felicity Huffman) comes home with some pot she bought from Steven (William H. Macy). Mark (Eric Stoltz) complains about the way Steven treats him, and wonders what Lorna gets out of spending time with him. "A break," she explains. "You make me feel unproductive." "You are unproductive," Mark responds. Lorna goes out again that night, but promises to be home early because they have a meeting with a director, Zach (Peter Bogdanovich), the next day. Annie (Justine Bateman) ends up driving a drunken Lorna home late that night. Mark gives Annie a ride home. When he mentions his upcoming birthday, she offers him oral sex. He demurs again. Mark goes to meet Zach alone the next day. Zach suggests making one of the characters in their script an ecstasy addict, so Mark decides to celebrate his birthday with the drug, for "research." Lorna agrees to invite Danni (Kim Dickens) and her husband. At the party, the drug goes over well. Mark has an intimate moment with Danni in the pool, and spends a lot of time fantasizing about it afterward. They go out for coffee, and Danni warns him that it was a fluke, and that she's not the person he thinks she is. He agrees again to settle for friendship. Mark finds out that Zach rewrote their script, and they've been fired. He blames Lorna for the fact that they were so slow in writing. They argue, and later, she goes to visit Steven. Steven brings her back late, and Mark's distaste for the man escalates to violence. The next day, Lorna misses Walt's (Dyllan Christopher) class play, and a disheveled, unhappy Mark runs into Danni at the supermarket. In his desperation, he convinces her to go to a motel. This episode was originally shown together with the first episode.