Other Men's Wives (1919)

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This Paramount picture -- a Thomas Ince production -- was based on a story by C. Gardner Sullivan. Wealthy Fenwick Flint (Holmes E. Herbert) falls for Viola Gordon (Dell Boone), the wife of James Gordon (Forrest Stanley). Viola is tired of her husband, but he is faithful and has given her no cause for divorce. So Flint casts around for a woman to compromise Gordon. He chooses Cynthia Brock (Dorothy Dalton), a society hanger-on who has run up thousands of dollars of dressmaking bills. Flint offers Cynthia a vast amount of money to lure Gordon away from his wife, and she reluctantly accepts. But she and Gordon gradually fall in love, so she honorably refuses to go through with her end of the bargain. One night, Gordon hears her crying in her room and he goes to comfort her. Flint's people catch this innocent scenario and use it as grounds for Viola's divorce. Cynthia angrily refuses Flint's money and goes to work so she can pay off her debts. Flint and Viola marry, but separate after a year. Gordon, meanwhile, tracks Cynthia down and they find happiness together.