Other Men's Shoes (1920)

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Although there was little new in this drama, which featured Crauford Kent in a dual role, it came across quite effectively. Stephen Browning (Kent) is a weak-willed minister in the small town of Monteville, where he finds himself up against very tough opposition. The powerful Raphael Creek (John P. Wade) not only rules over the town, he is also after Browning's sweetheart, Irene Manton (Irene Boyle). Creeke intends to remove Browning from his pulpit, but then Stephen's black-sheep brother Jim (Kent) returns home. Jim is everything that Stephen isn't -- aggressive, pugilistic, and forceful. Since he looks so much like his brother, Jim takes over his ministry and not only deals with the villains, but improves on Stephen's parochial work. In addition, Irene finds herself falling in love with him. Jacob Dreener (Harold Forshay) knows that Jim served time in prison and offers this information to Creeke, who plans to reveal that the preacher has a no-good brother -- but Jim himself confesses first.