Other Girl (1916)

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Prize fighter James J. Corbett, better known as "Gentleman Jim," was the big draw for this feature. Predictably, he plays a pugilist, Frank Sheldon, known in the ring as Kid Garvey. The Kid goes to visit Muldoon's famous resort (an actual place -- in fact, owner William Muldoon appears in the film) and befriends Reverend Clifton Bradford (Paul Gilmore). He also meets pretty society girl Catherine Fulton (Becky Bruce), and they begin a romance which results in their engagement -- even though Catherine was already engaged to Reginald Lumley (Rawland Ratcliffe). She almost balks when she discovers that her new sweetheart is a fighter, but he convinces her he's a good sort. Not so convinced is Catherine's friend Estelle Kittredge (Edith Luckett), who halts the couple's elopement by disguising herself and sitting in the Kid's car. He drives off and before he can discover the deception they are involved in an accident. To keep a scandal from happening, the Kid enlists the help of a showgirl pal, Myrtle Morrison (Frances Thompson). Kid eventually winds up with his girl, Bradford gets Estelle, and Lumley finds happiness with Myrtle.