One Hour (1917)

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After the success of her book Three Weeks, author Elinor Glyn decided to shorten the period of time to one hour; given the popularity of her risqué novels (at least they were risqué in the 1910s and '20s), it was bound to be made into a movie. And only Glyn could have gotten away with the ridiculous story that follows: Because her mother and father were killed in a revolution, Opal (Zena Keefe) grows up in America, unaware that she's a princess. While staying with her uncle and aunt (D.J. Flannigan and Ina Brooks) in the Adirondacks, she is attacked by wolves. But Stanley (Alan Hale), a mysterious young man, saves her by choking one of the beasts to death. Opal, however, has fallen into the frozen lake, and when Stanley gets her back to his lodge, he realizes that he will have to remove her icy clothes to save her life. Since he respects her virtue, they begin a friendship that blooms into romance. The arrival of Baron Karnoff (Warren Cook) reveals Opal's true status, and the fact that she must marry King Ruthevan (Franklyn Hanna) to keep peaceful relations between her country and his. She is forced to go, but before she leaves, she spends one last hour with Stanley. After arriving in her country, she discovers that Stanley is actually Count Stanlai, nephew of King Ruthevan. The king, meanwhile, gets drunk and tries to force himself on his bride-to-be, but Stanley/Stanlai dashes to her aid. In the ensuing struggle, the king collapses and dies from the exertion, so Stanlai becomes king and marries Opal.