Old Loves For New (1918)

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The title to this comedy-drama had little to do with its plot. Harvey Marton Jr. (Lee Hill), the scion of a wealthy banking family, marries the supposedly innocent Gwendolyn Alcot (Margery Wilson) only to discover that she has a taste for cigarettes and cocktails. Instead of being repulsed, Harvey is thrilled by this and the pair embark on a nonstop round of parties. Finally, his father (George Pearce) puts his foot down and tells Harvey that either he and Gwendolyn straighten up or they will be disowned. In their attempt to lead a clean life, they head for Mohawk, AZ. Harvey, an Easterner and a weakling, becomes the butt of the cowboys' jokes and Gwendolyn, who is bored, starts a flirtation with the ranch foreman, Jerry Marquis (Pete Morrison). When Marquis tries to embrace Gwendolyn against her will, Harvey comes to her aid -- and is knocked down. Determined to show up not only Marquis but everyone else in Mohawk, Harvey takes boxing lessons. Once he is properly trained, he beats up Marquis, and Gwendolyn falls in love with him all over again.