Old Homestead (1922)

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Character actor Theodore Roberts was better known for his scene-stealing supporting roles than he was as a star in his own right. But he gets the opportunity to shine in this heart-warming drama based on the old play by Denman Thompson. Its small town theme was especially popular in an ever-more fast-paced era which still had its roots in rural America. Josh Whitcomb (Roberts), known as "Uncle Josh," is a kind-hearted soul who always sees the best in those around him. His optimism, however, is put to the test when his son, Reuben (Harrison Ford), is accused of a theft committed by Len Holbrook (James Mason). Whitcomb practically goes broke in his attempt to protect Reuben. Then a cyclone hits the little town. Reuben braves the storm to save his sweetheart, Ann (Fritzi Ridgeway), from jumping off the local "lover's leap." Meanwhile, Len confesses his guilt to his father, Eph Holbrook (George Fawcett). Holbrook drags his boy to Whitcomb, asking that he be the one to suggest the proper punishment. But Whitcomb has no taste for vengeance and insists that Holbrook should forgive Len. Incidentally, Roberts often stole scenes with the cunning way he handled his cigars -- here, for once, there is nary a cigar in sight.



damsel-in-distress, rescue, storm, suicide