Old Fashioned Young Man (1917)

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Robert Harron plays Frank Trent, a young man who has been brought up to be courteous and chivalrous. In spite of this, he goes into politics through his father's connections. The people he works with are using underhanded means to defeat Mrs. Burke (Loyola O'Connor), the candidate for mayor. They are insisting that Mrs. Burke's daughter, Margaret (Colleen Moore), is not adopted, but her own through an illicit liaison. Frank, who is in love with Margaret, feels this slander is grossly unfair and is determined to disprove it. In the midst of this, he discovers that his father (Thomas Jefferson) is actually Mrs. Burke's husband -- he left her eighteen years before, believing her to be unfaithful. This would potentially make Frank and Margaret half-brother and sister, but in the nick of time, Frank finds a diary of a doctor, long dead, which proves that Margaret's mother is not Mrs. Burke. Trent and Margaret are free to pursue their romance, and Mrs. Burke -- now vindicated in the eyes of her husband -- wins the election. This typical Triangle programmer was future silent star Colleen Moore's second film.