Now I'll Tell One (1927)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

Only the second reel of this Charley Chase two-reeler is known to exist. It's a notable film to Laurel and Hardy fans because Stan and Ollie are both in it, although it would be a few months more before they became a comic team. Chase and Edna Marion are happily married -- at least, briefly. An argument sends the once-blissful couple to divorce court, where a vampy judge (May Wallace) urges Marion to tell tall tales of Chase's bad behavior. Each incident she relates of cruelty, drunkenness, and abuse is pictured in ever-more exaggerated detail. As Chase's lawyer, Stan Laurel plays the kind of attorney that anyone would dread having. Oliver Hardy has a bit part as a policeman. Before her Hal Roach contract was abruptly terminated in 1928, Edna Marion also appeared in several early Laurel and Hardy silents, including Should Married Men Go Home? and Soup to Nuts.