Not Much Force (1915)

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When Lubin went out of business, two of its employees, actor Raymond McKee and director Will Louis were in New York. As soon as they heard the news, the pair went looking for work and were soon hired by Edison -- McKee became one of the studio's comic stars. He's featured in this one-reeler as Pat McNat, who is in love with Mabel O'Toole (Jean Dumar), the daughter of Sarsfield O'Toole, the town's only cop (Julian Reed). O'Toole doesn't do much as a law enforcer, and when the home of a member of the town council is burglarized, everyone is up in arms. The council demands that O'Toole catch the next crook or he'll be fired. O'Toole hates Pat, but he tells him that if he poses as a burglar, he will allow him to marry Mabel. Pat agrees and stages a break-in, but O'Toole falls ill. His wife (Lou Gorey) puts on his uniform and makes the arrest. Later on, there's a real burglary, and this time O'Toole does capture the culprit, but by then the town council has discovered his scheme. O'Toole is demoted to scrubbing the floor of the jailhouse, while his wife is hired as the town's new cop. Another refugee from Lubin, Oliver Hardy -- then billed as O.N. Hardy -- has a bit part as the burglarized town council member.