Nineteen and Phyllis (1920)

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Charles Ray was almost 30 when he played 19-year-old Andy Cavanaugh, a love-struck country boy. That alone goes a long way to explain why Ray eventually grew weary of playing the young rural characters that were so popular with his fans. Nevertheless, he portrayed them very well, and he pulls off this weak story almost single-handedly. Andy works as a clerk in a store and the object of his affections is Phyllis Laurin (Clara Horton), the daughter of the local judge (Frank Norcross). Andy's rival is the son of his wealthy boss. Along with lots of money, the rival has a car; all Andy has is his talent for dancing and his utter devotion to Phyllis. Devotion wins out, and Phyllis accepts his proposal. At the jewelry store, she picks out a 500 dollar ring. Poor Andy makes but 18 dollars a week, but he puts down a deposit anyway, hoping that he'll figure out a way to come up with the rest. As fate would have it, there is a bandit terrorizing the town and a 1,000 dollar reward has been offered for his capture. On the night that Andy's father (George Nichols) tries to prevent him from attending a dance, he sneaks out the window and falls right on top of the bandit. Andy drags the bandit to the dance and is hailed as a hero. He discovers that the rival has paid cash for the ring Phyllis wanted, but he ties him up and takes it back. Not only has Andy won Phyllis and the reward, he has earned his manhood.



boy, family, granddaughter, son, Southerner, town