Nine-Tenths of the Law (1919)

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Red Adair, a drunken woodsman (B. Reeves Eason, who also directed), kidnaps a little boy (B. Reeves "Breezy" Eason -- yes, the director's son) from a judge's home, intending to hold him for ransom. But the boy escapes and wanders over to the hut of trapper Leneau (Mitchell Lewis) and his wife (Jimsey Maye). The wife has been wretched with grief since the death of her baby and the little boy's presence brings joy back into her life. Adair attempts to get the child back, but Leneau gives him such a sound thrashing that it kills him. When he dies, Leneau discovers where the boy came from and, over his wife's protests, takes him to the judge. She is so despondent that she decides to commit suicide, but before she can carry it out, her husband returns -- with the boy. It turns out that he wasn't the judge's son, but an orphan who was in need of a home.