Night of Fear (1972)

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This mini-feature offers an effective dose of terror in its own compact style. Terry Bourke's script takes an unusual approach, stripping out such niceties as characterization and dialogue to focus strictly on the sights and nonverbal sounds of its story. The offbeat approach works because the cast and crew manage to sustain the intensity necessary to pull this unusual gambit off. In terms of performances, Carla Hoogeveen does a convincing job of charting her character's descent from panic into terror as the film's horrific events pile up and Norman Yemm delivers an intense, primal turn that makes his animalistic villain a frightening force of nature. Most importantly, Bourke's direction really puts the screws to the audience, making excellent use of whiplash-speed editing, bizarre camera angles and a densely layered soundtrack to create a consistently unnerving atmosphere. In short, Night Of Fear is a potent, no-frills little shocker that is likely to delight fans of vintage horror.