Nature Knows Best: Water and Weather (1998)

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Nature Knows Best is a 13-volume children's series exploring contemporary environmental issues, as well as possible local and global solutions to ecological problems plaguing the planet. Backed by solid research, the programs offer information in an entertaining format. Animation and fun characters capture the attention of viewers, while presenting important ecological concepts. In part two, Water and Weather, host Albert investigates what's behind unexpected snow in Florida, floods in California, and hail the size of tennis balls falling from the skies in summer. He examines the global water cycles, which are responsible for defining weather, and learns how oceans serve as the planet's central heating system. Other topics include the importance of the equatorial jungles and the ways in which mankind is influencing weather. The series is appropriate for youngsters in elementary through junior high grades. Other titles include Air - It's Everywhere, Rain Forests - Long May They Reign, Oceans - Save the Wave, Food for All Seasons?, Rubbish and Waste - A Boomerang, Animal Factory, Sound and Noise: Unplugged, A Tree Is More Than Just a Tree, Energy - There Are Better Ways, The Earth's Alive, The Value of a Bird, and Water - The Never Ending Cycle.