My Husband's Other Wife (1919)

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A title like this one suggests a comedy, but with J. Stuart Blackton as director, there's no doubt that it's a serious drama. Adelaide Hedlar (Sylvia Breamer) is a well-known actress whose fame has totally eclipsed her husband, Mark Ridgewell (Warren Chandler), a noted physician. Eventually Ridgewell tires of living in Adelaide's shadow and he divorces her. While Adelaide is being courted by playwright Wilfred Dean (Robert Gordon), Ridgewell goes to the country, where he meets and marries Nettie Bryson, an innocent young girl (May McAvoy). He establishes a hospital in the village they call home and becomes a highly respected member of the community. But Adelaide is sorry that she has lost her husband, and goes in search of him. When she discovers that he has married again, she goes out of her way to make friends with Nettie in hopes of getting to Ridgewell, finally confronting her ex-husband, who begins to think he still loves her. He tells Nettie about his previous marriage, and not realizing that Adelaide is the ex-wife, Nettie goes to her and pours her heart out. Adelaide changes her mind and tells Nettie that Ridgewell's ex-wife is dead; she leaves her ex-husband to his new wife and returns to the big city.