Mutant X (2001)

Genres - Action, Adventure  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |   Countries - Canada , United States   |  
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Debuting in the fall of 2001, the syndicated sci-fi/fantasy series Mutant X was created by Avi Arad and Rick Ungar, both of whom had worked on the animated version of the stylistically similar X-Men. John Shea initially headed the cast as Adam Kane, former employee of the top-secret government research lab Genomex, which was covertly involved in developing genetically enhanced, superpowered human mutants. Upon discovering that his boss Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) was entertaining delusions of ruling the world with his creations, Adam quit Genomex and formed his own organization, Mutant X, dedicated to rescuing the synthetic mutants from Eckhart's clutches and helping them fit into the "human" world. Many of those assisted by Mutant X were the results of botched experiments, so Adam really had his work cut out for him. Meanwhile, Adam and the renegade mutants were hunted down like animals by Eckhart's Genetic Security Agency under the cover of "Project Recall." Headquartered in Adam's safe harbor, known as the Sanctuary, were his chief mutant assistants: Shalimar "Shadowfox" Fox (Victoria Pratt), a feral mutant with cat-like characteristics and physical talents; Brennan "Fuse" Mulwray (Victor Webster) a lightning-powered "Elemental," who could absorb and emit electricity; Emma "Rapport" deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith) a psychic who used force bolts to control and monitor the emotions of those around her; and Jesse "Synergy" Kilmartin (Forbes March), a "Molecular" who, by rearranging his own chemical structure, could make himself immune to injury, dematerialize, and even pass through solid walls. With Eckhart effectively neutralized at the end of the series' first season, the Mutant X team was pursued by the new leader of the Genetic Security Agency, deranged super-mutant Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton). Once Gabriel was destroyed by the Mutant Xers, they were able to focus less on helping their own kind, and more on do-gooding for the human race in general. At the climax of season two, Emma was killed, to be replaced the following season by another Elemental, Lexa Pierce (Karen Cliche). At the same time, Adam faked his own death and went into hiding to work surreptitiously on behalf of his mutant comrades. Like many another science fiction "syndies," Mutant X was generally broadcast on weekends by local stations, usually in late-afternoon and after-midnight timeslots.