Much Ado About Nutting (1953)

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Much Ado About Nutting is a wordless film from master cartoonist Chuck Jones. As Nutting opens, a squirrel spies an unguarded nut stand across the street from him and hurries toward it. He is delighted to find a stand full of peanuts, and even more so to find another with walnuts next to that. His delight increases when he then sees a pistachio nut stand and reaches heights of ecstasy upon the discovery of a coconut stand. The squirrel manages to shove one of the heavy coconuts to the ground and roles it back into the park -- but then encounters difficulty when he bites it and nearly breaks his teeth. The resourceful rodent tries a number of tactics -- dropping it from a tree, using a saw and a jackhammer, even pushing it up all the stairs of the Empire State Building and dropping it from the observation deck -- but to no avail. Tired and frustrated, he returns it to the coconut stand from whence it came. As he walks away, the coconut falls from the stand -- and wonder of wonders, it cracks. Hurrying over, the squirrel pushes away the husks -- only to find ANOTHER coconut inside!