Mr. Show With Bob and David : Goin' on a Holiday (1997)

Genres - Comedy  |   Sub-Genres - Absurd Comedy, Media Satire, Political Satire, Satire, Variety Show [TV]  |   Run Time - 30 min.  |   Countries - United States  |  
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Synopsis by Josh Ralske

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross introduce their families, who are sitting in the audience. David, upon seeing Bob's grandfather, becomes accusatory. "You never told me your Grandpa Timmy was elderly," he cries, "That means you're part old. You're not pure." David gives Bob a pamphlet describing "the coming age war." Grandpa Timmy first denies the elderly are trying to take over the world, but then asks if a world run by old people would be such a bad thing. There are a few scenes of what such a future would look like, including a group of young people wearing pastel sweaters, golf pants, and porkpie hats, and calling each other "dear." Then there's a sketch wherein Chris (Bob) and Tracy (Brett Paesal) find out that they're both having an affair with the same guy, Lee (David). Not only that, Lee is seeing the entire family, including their teenage daughter, her boyfriend, and Nana McCrudden. They're all heartbroken when Lee breaks up with them, confessing, "I'm seeing another family." This episode also features the beloved "Blowing Up the Moon" sketch, in which NASA announces that they finally have the technology to do it. This causes a national excitement, with celebrations planned, and a patriotic pop song about blowing up the moon hitting the charts. The high spirits are dampened when Galileo, the chimpanzee assigned to fly the explosives to the moon, uses sign language to ask one of the scientists, "Why?" Later, clips are shown from a misbegotten 1970s movie about streaking, "Bare Ambition." Jimmy (Bob) is an ambitious streaker who runs into trouble when he meets Coco Robbins (David), a streaking superstar. Coco feels threatened, and has his henchmen beat Jimmy up and force him, at knifepoint, to put on his clothes. Bob and David appear naked throughout the sketch.