Mr. Logan, USA (1918)

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During World War I, German spies were even capable of infiltrating a Tom Mix Western! The agent in this picture is going by the alias J. Alexander Gage (Val Paul), and he arrives in a New Mexico mining town about the same time as another mysterious stranger, Jim Logan (Mix). A mysterious chorus girl (Maude Emery) soon follows. Gage is in cahoots with the superintendent of the town's tungsten mine. They plan to encourage a strike, and when they blow up the mine, they can blame it on the striking workers. Logan, meanwhile, becomes involved with the mine owner's pretty niece Suzanne (Kathleen Connors). Gage manages to get Logan arrested and then kidnaps Suzanne. But the chorus girl helps Jim escape. He then breaks up the strike and rounds up Gage, who still has Suzanne in his clutches. Then it is revealed that Logan and the chorus girl are both members of the Secret Service. This wasn't one of Tom Mix's better efforts, although his horse did some great stunts -- as a matter of fact, the horse got even better notices than he did.