Mr. Goode, the Samaritan (1916)

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Nowadays, DeWolf Hopper is remembered -- when he is remembered at all -- as Hedda Hopper's husband (they were divorced long before she became a gossip columnist). Back in the 1910s, Hopper was a well-known stage actor who made a few unsuccessful stabs at being a film star (his wife was somewhat more successful, working frequently as a character actress for many years before she picked up her poison pen). In this film, Hopper plays philanthropist Alphonse Irving Goode, who lives up to his name by believing in man's inherently kind nature. As a result, he is constantly being taken advantage of. This is made clear from the beginning, when he is arrested after having bought a stolen car. He turns the jail into a country club for the imprisoned crooks. One of them is Shifty Ed (Edward Dillon, who also directed), and after Goode's situation gets cleared up, he invites Ed and his girl, Shortie Sal (Fay Tincher), into his home. Another guest at Goode's is Monte Fox (Chester Withey who, incidentally, wrote the screenplay), a schemer who plans to run off with both Goode's money and his daughter, Evelina (Margaret Marsh). Ed and Sal are inspired by their host's charitable nature, and they reform, but when Fox does his dirty work, they are held as the prime suspects. Sal manages to escape, and she stops Monte's attack on Evelina. She and Ed reveal the villain's true nature, and as a reward, Goode hires them as a maid and chauffeur.