Mr. Dolan of New York (1917)

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Jack Mulhall was miscast as a prize fighter in this comedy feature. Jimmy Dolan (Mulhall) has just been defeated by "Spider" Flynn (Francis McDonald) -- especially bad luck for Dolan and his manager, Thomas Jefferson Jones (Noble Johnson), because they bet their wad on the fight. Count Conrad of the mythical kingdom Konigstadt (Albert MacQuarrie) has been spurned by Princess Alicia (Julia Ray), and he's still steaming over the slight. He offers Dolan 20 thousand francs to pose as Prince Frederick and court the princess -- Conrad figures that when his true identity is revealed, she will be humiliated. Dolan agrees, but he and the princess really fall in love. Then word is out that Flynn is claiming to be the champion of all Europe and Dolan asks for a rematch. When the king (Harry Mann) finds Dolan practicing in the ring, he's inspired to build a gymnasium and take up boxing himself. The truth finally comes out when the real Prince Frederick (Ernest Shields) shows up and everyone goes to the Dolan-Flynn fight. This time around, Dolan wins, and the king is the first to congratulate him. It's obvious that he's going to give Dolan and Alicia his blessings when he hints that there's a vacant count's title in Konigstadt. A bit of trivia -- Francis McDonald also played a fighter in another, far more famous comedy -- Buster Keaton's 1926 smash hit Battling Butler.