Mr. Barnes of New York (1922)

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The novel by Archibald Clavering Gunter was filmed before, in 1914. The first version starred Maurice Costello, who also directed. The 1922 version was saddled with the less charismatic Tom Moore. An English naval officer and a Corsican youth have a duel, and the Corsican is killed. The young man's sister, Marina Paoli (Anna Lehr), swears vengeance on the killer. Mr. Barnes of New York (Moore), who happened to see the duel, finds the name Gerard Anstruther engraved on the pistols. A couple of years later, he meets Enid, a pretty English girl (Naomi Childers), and while in Nice discovers that Gerard Anstruther (Lewis Willoughby) is her brother. He also discovers that Anstruther is engaged to marry Marina, who nursed him through an illness in Egypt. After the wedding, Marina's guardian tells her that Anstruther is the man she has been seeking. In a frantic ride, Barnes goes to save Anstruther. The guardian is killed instead and Anstruther claims that he loaned the pistols for the duel. Enid and Barnes wed. Naomi Childers also played Enid in the 1914 version.