Mou Ichido Yatte (1976)

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This trashy exploitation film from cult filmmaker Giichi Nishihara deals with a young couple, Hideo (Eiji Togawa) and Mitsuyo (Yuki Isumi), who go camping in the Japanese woods. While Hideo is fishing, Mitsuyo is brutally raped by a passing hunter, Murai (Hiroshi Nishihara). The disgusted Hideo irrationally blames Mitsuyo for the incident and promptly divorces her. One day, Mitsuyo meets Murai while shopping and finds herself sexually attracted to her rapist. Plotting, Mitsuyo sleeps with Murai, then hires him to rape Hideo's new girlfriend. As morally repulsive as any of the Japanese roughies, this sleazy tale co-starring Maki Kirikawa takes a straightforward approach to a particularly sick male fantasy and presents it as if such behavior was perfectly natural, and the film is more horrific for its tone than for its fairly tame content.



divorce, girlfriend, hunting, rape, revenge, victim