Mother's Ordeal (1917)

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Jean Sothern has a dual role in this moralistic melodrama. A young woman (Sothern) is wronged by a young lawyer (Walter Miller), and he is forced into a loveless marriage with her. The girl goes to live with her aunt and hears (falsely) that her husband has been killed in a train wreck. She decides to commit suicide and, after pinning a note on the baby's clothes, walks into a river. She's saved, however, by a young man who takes her home and eventually marries her. However, she discovers that he is a thief and leaves him. She then winds up working as a prostitute and runing a house of ill-repute. Many years later, the child grows up (to be played by Sothern) and goes to boarding school. She is kidnapped from the school by her mother, who believes her to be the product of her former husband's second marriage. But the young girl's identity is discovered, and it brings about a reconciliation between the husband and his long-ago wife.