Mother's Child (1916)

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Several times during his pre-Stan Laurel career, Oliver Hardy played a mamma's boy, with the role made even more ludicrous because of his big size. In this Vim one-reel comedy, he's teamed up with the equally large Kate Price, who plays his mother. Babe (Hardy) is a bookworm in addition to being a mamma's boy, so he arrives at Tidewater College with two strikes against him. Or make that three -- being a freshman doesn't help, either. While studiously reading, he looks up and sees Florence (Florence McLoughlin), and is immediately entranced with her. Babe innocently flirts with her, not knowing that this is forbidden by the upperclassmen. As a result, he is severely hazed by the student body, led by a sophomore (Joe Cohen). When Babe's mother (Price) shows up and discovers what has happened to her beloved child, she dresses up in his clothes and lays in wait in his room. When the upperclassmen storm into Babe's room to deliver another beating, they are faced with his mother's unbridled fury. In the end Babe wins Florence, while his mother wins over the principal.