Moral Fabric (1916)

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After four years of marriage, Amy Winthrop (Edith Reeves) has grown tired of her life and her husband Scott (Frank Mills). So when she falls in with a radical group who preaches free love, their leader, Mackley Stuart (Howard Hickman) finds her easy prey. It doesn't take long for him to completely steal Amy's affection away from Winthrop, and not much longer before Winthrop catches them together. Winthrop lets Stuart have his wife, so the adulterous pair marry and move to Europe. After a few years, the glow has worn off their relationship, and in Monte Carlo they encounter Winthrop again. Although he pretends to befriend the couple, it's merely a ploy so that he can steal Amy back from Stuart. He is successful, but when Stuart confronts them, Winthrop smugly admits that he doesn't really want his ex-wife back and sends them both away.