Moral Deadline (1919)

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Although Hollywood eventually became the movie capitol of the world, during the 1910s many film companies were based out of New York. One was World Pictures, and this well-made but not terribly inspired drama was typical of their program output. While strolling through Central Park with a girlfriend, shop girl Evelyn Merrill (June Elvidge) meets Harold Oaker (Frank Mayo), whose taxi has just been involved in an accident. They hit it off and he gives her his card -- only it isn't his card, but that of one of the witnesses, Harold Carson. Harold courts and marries her under this name, never revealing that he is from a wealthy family. When his father (Ned Burton) finds out about the marriage, he is angry because he and his wife (Grace Stevens) are trying to make an entree into society -- their son's union with a shop girl certainly won't help. Oaker convinces Harold to leave town for a year to test his love for Evelyn, and he is shanghaied by sailors while away. Meanwhile, Oaker tries to buy Evelyn off, but she refuses. To support herself and her baby, she becomes a cabaret dancer. Harold's mother, a member of the Vice Society, tries to have Evelyn arrested for her dances, which are basically harmless. Harold finally makes it home and comes to Evelyn's defense. They are reunited in spite of his parents.