Modern Husbands (1919)

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Although he was still receiving star billing in Modern Husbands, Henry Walthall's career was definitely not what it was when he acted for filmmaker D.W. Griffith. The title to this drama gave it a flashy, up-to-date spin (1919-style), but it is really nothing more than the standard eternal triangle tale. Stockbroker Stephen Duane (Walthall) is so focused on his business that his wife Julia (Ethel Fleming) becomes sorely neglected. Thus, the lonely Julia falls prey to the advances of mercenary Bert Brockwell (Neil Hardin), and when Duane catches them together, it breaks up the marriage. Bad luck seems to follow the broker -- soon afterwards the market turns sour and he is financially ruined. After contemplating suicide and deciding that it's the coward's way out, Duane receives help from his friend, Jonathan Cosgrove (Melbourne McDowell). Cosgrove takes him in and helps him get back on his feet financially. One night Duane hears a struggle going on in the bedroom belonging to Cosgrove's wife Myrtle (Claire DuBrey). He opens the door and finds Brockwell attacking her. Just as Duane has tossed the interloper out the window, Cosgrove enters and believes that Duane has compromised his wife. But Brockwell has left enough evidence behind to show that he is the guilty party. Myrtle helps Duane reconcile with his wife, who has become a mother during their time apart.